Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens is Dead

I haven't much to say about it that hasn't already been said. I knew about Christopher Hitchens' existence because of being an avid lurker on the atheosphere (what a silly word!), but he always seemed to me to be a reference rather than a person. Bloggers I knew and followed referenced him all the time, but despite how much I want to be one of those people who follows references back all the time, I'm actually really intellectually lazy, so I just took the references at face value and left it at that. Before today I had read maybe two pieces by him and seen maybe one video or two.

Today I've done nothing but read article after article and watch video after video about Christopher Hitchens and linking back to them on my Facebook and twitter. J Daniel Sawyer suggested that I post all the links in a single blog post (which I didn't even think of doing because I frequently forget that this blog exists!), so here it is:


From FreeThought Blogs:
JT Eberhard: RIP Hitch | What Would JT Do?
This is where I first heard about Hitchens' death.

"The man never stopped going, he never stopped fighting, and he never stopped living to the fullest extent he could conceive. Frankly, he was due for a break. I’m glad he’s finally getting it."

King of the Vultures Thinks Little of Hitchens and Christianity | What Would JT Do?

In this post, JT destroys Mark Judge, who thinks that maybe as death approaches Hitchens will rethink his position on the existence of god. (JT's response? Aw heeeell no!)

Kylie Sturgess:
We Lost Hitch. That Is All

Greta Christina:
Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011
This one actually made me cry. I am not ashamed.

Ophelia Bensen:
The Hitch
If you read this to the bottom, you'll see she's got a few more posts on Hitchens. They are: Hitchens the writer and simply Hitchens

PZ Myers: Hitch is not in heaven
This one also made me tear up.

Hank Fox:
So Long, You Magnificent Sonofabitch
Okay, the picture at the bottom of this article made me unabashedly weep. "Thanks, Hitch. We'll take it from here." Indeed we will.

From The Guardian:
Christopher Hitchens dies aged 62

Two from Vanity Fair:
In Memoriam and
Graydon Carter Remembers Christopher Hitchens

From Slate:
Christopher Hitchens Remembered
Slate's full tribute to Christopher Hitchens, a collection of "tributes from those who knew him best—his friends, colleagues, and fellow writers."

The Guide to Christopher Hitchens

This is an aggregate of what Slate and say are the greatest magazine stories by Hitchens.

From J Daniel Sawyer's Literary Abominations: Un-Hitched

From the LA Times blogs:
Christopher Hitchens has died: Fighter, doubter, provocateur
This one contains a number of reactions to his death from people all over the web.

From NPR:
Writer Christopher Hitchens Dies At 62

From Shakespeare's Sister: RIP Christopher Hitchens
Recognising his complicated legacy. (personal note: jesus christ, did someone as smart as him ACTUALLY write such a terrible piece as Why Women Aren't Funny? REALLY?)

From The Moth: The Moth Remembers Christopher Hitchens
(Wasn't sure whether to put this one in articles or videos, since it's got an audio file, but sticking with this one.)


From the Washington Post: Divine Impulses: Christopher Hitchens on his life's work

From Intelligence Squared:
The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world Arguing for the motion: John Onaiyekan, Ann Widdecombe; Against the motion: Stephen Fry, Christopher Hitchens; Moderator: Zeinab Badawi

From Penn and Teller's Bullshit!: Holier Than Thou
About Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama. Hitchens is a source about Mother Teresa.

Tell me in comments if you want me to and I'll add some great articles by Christopher Hitchens as well to round out this collection.

That's all I've got. As parting: