Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Explanation Regarding the New Poem and an Older Poem (Poem 7?)

So those of you who read my blog (few of you as it is) will find that the poem I had just posted on it a few days ago vanished. I started editing it, realized I only liked three lines, and scrapped it entirely except for the aforementioned three lines and one more line that I added post-factum. When I fix it, it will be up here. Until then, I leave you with an older poem:

I die of carelessness; I die of caution;
I die of fear; I die too brave for my own good;
I die from too much sweet devotion;
I die from lack of drink, for want of food.

I die silently, or I die screaming;
I die in tears, in pain, or from disease;
I die awake, I die when I am dreaming;
I die upon my feet, my hands, my knees.

I die in happiness; I die in blank despair;
I die with love, or with my frail heart torn asunder;
I die with ugly wounds, or I die fair;
I die in fire, in water, night, and thunder.

I die too old; I die too young for dying;
I die too sure, uncertain of my soul;
I die in tears, with eyes too dry for crying;
I die too much, too often, on the whole.

Ciao, friends.


Norman said...

Nice! I like the thought provoking end especially. - Norm

Vlad said...

is good!


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