Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poem10: Bedtime Story

Here's an old poem I wrote as a New Year's Present for a very close friend of mine. Here it is:

A Bedtime Story

I’ve got a story for you, darling, she says
I frown and answer, Darling?
The night is rain-filled and
our windows refract starlight
a million crystal lights dance on our walls.

The story is simple: a beginning, an end,
A middle tying the two together, smoothly
But it’s the darling she began it with that echoes
And I cannot fathom it.

In the starlit velvet night of our beginnings,
The story is just another story
But the epithet, so filled with sweetness and
rolling off the tongue like pearls or candy…
you know that voice as I do,
how in the turn of the phrase,
she can plait each word like hair
and spear it through unto perfection.

I do not know
if it’s the thread of story
or a whispered darling
or stars like diamonds in her hair
or rain on the window fracturing the stars
but life tastes sweeter, somehow,
in the darkness;
and somehow, life is better
in her arms.


Michelle said...

Lovely poem :)

Ezazi said...

Reading a good poem, somehow, always, makes my day. And this one did. The scribble sure looks like that of a terrific poet. :))