Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Poem! At last!

The writer's block is over! Boy does that feel good.

When Winter Came

I was a child when winter bowled me over
With freezing lips and fire-crystal eyes
I was a child still playing in the clover
When winter came, she found me paralyzed.

I was a youth when I first joined the dreaming,
With starlit eyes and magic in my hands,
I was a youth; my eyes were quick and gleaming,
I rode the ocean-waves, played in the sands.

I was a sage when winter crawled into me
With razor teeth and soft, translucent fur
I was a sage; I let each breath pass through me
When winter came, I knew and welcomed her.

I was a ghost who drowned in dreams of danger
With lidless eyes, and sulphur in my bones
I walked a ghost in dreams and planes still stranger
I was a dream, asleep among the stones.

Hope you're all doing super-well.


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