Friday, July 25, 2008

Short Update and Poem2: My Little Rhythm

So I'm in the process of writing up a sort of edit to my Pride Parade post where I actually address an issue that has been bothering me regarding the parade. This is taking me some time, so I shan't have the promised 2 a week up this week. This'll just be a journal kind of entry and a second poem.

I've been going to milongas for the past three days, which has been wonderful, but also painful. At La Luna on Monday, I accidentally kicked off part of the toenail on my big toe, which caused bleeding and much distress. On Tuesday at Rubyfruit I didn't injure myself, but I did dance only with women and get some good leading practice. On Wednesday at Corazon, I had a whole lot of fun (including getting some good footage for my film), but by midnight my feet were hurting so badly that I was almost in tears. On the bright side, I found out that the fellow who tends the bar at Corazon is named Nick and is fun to dance with. I rather like him.

I also, at one point, need to watch the DVD that my Video Production instructor gave me.

But for now, poetry!

My Little Rhythm

Somewhere deep inside me is a tick-tock clock
I can hear it ticking if I'm really quiet,
counting off the seconds of my long, short life,
keeping time for my moments -- it's my little rhythm

Somewhere deep inside me is a gong-gong clock
I can hear it tolling if the world stays quiet,
counting down the moments 'til it's all done, gone,
keeping time for my life -- if I take it slowly

Somewhere deep inside me is a thud-thump heart
I can hear it beating if I lay real still,
counting up my life, pulsing on on on,
keeping time for my seconds -- I know it keeps on going

Best to all,

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